Residential Treatment

Residential Drug Rehab Treatment

Residential treatment is considered to be on the upper end of intermediate level care. Many treatment centers offer either a 30, 60, or 90 day, 24-hour residential program that involves a comprehensive approach to sobriety. Residential patients require an around the clock monitored environment. They have access to the full spectrum of behavioral and medical interventions, but it is limited to specific hours during the day and only provided on an as-needed basis after hours. This level of care provides individual, group and family counseling, daily groups, activities and pyscho-therapy. In addition, psycho-social rehabilitation and medication schedules are also provided. In addition, many treatment facilities offer structured physical activities, nutrition counseling, stress reduction, vocational training, relapse prevention, educational services and 12-step programs.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Residential treatment centers provide multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment. The comprehensive plan begins with the detoxification process and extends through aftercare planning and sober living. The goal of residential addiction treatment is not only to help the individual recover, but also to prepare them for re-entry back into society. Residential centers provide a structured living environment where patients learn to live without the use of drugs as a daily coping mechanism. During residential addiction treatment an individual will be provided with the framework and skills needed to overcome the urge to use drugs daily. They will also attend several types of therapy that will help them discover the reasons why they use, and in turn modify those behaviors to be replaced with healthy ones.

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Most Insurance Accepted

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