Family Therapy Sessions

Family SessionsFamily therapy is conducted by a therapist who is licensed specifically for helping families. Special training and skills are required since family therapy is so much different than individual therapy. Addiction truly is a family disease; everyone is affected when an individual struggles with substance abuse. The family has a key role in helping an individual achieve sobriety. Although it doesn’t end there, they are also a very important component to helping the individual adjust to their new found sobriety as well as maintaining it. There are two main goals when it comes to family therapy and dealing with substance abuse. One is to make sure that everyone can participate in giving the right kind of support to the family member in treatment. This is an important part of making sure that recovery sticks and relapse is avoided. The other goal is to strengthen the family’s emotional health and well-being so that everyone can thrive.

The Importance of Family Therapy During Recovery

Since addiction is a family disease and affects everyone involved, the pain and confusion experienced don’t just go away when the individual enters treatment. Many times a family remains stuck in unhealthy routines even after the individual with the substance abuse problem goes to recovery. Even under the best circumstance of sobriety, families can struggle to adjust to the newly sober individual who is recovering because they are behaving differently and require support. Family therapy can help the family recover and heal as a whole. It can help strengthen the ties that hold the family together and help everyone heal from the trauma of addiction. Family therapy can help all members of the family make specific, positive changes along with the person who is changing in recovery.

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Most Insurance Accepted

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