Christian Track

Christians who are addicted to drugs and alcohol often feel extreme devastation and as though they are going against their beliefs. Successful treatment completion and recovery from addiction is greatly enriched when it is based on spiritual principles. Genuine acceptance and love help to guide the Christian who is turning to drugs and alcohol for fulfillment and suffering from addiction. While receiving treatment the Christian individual is also growing their relationship with God.

How Christian Based Alcohol & Drug Rehabs Work

In a Christian based treatment program, individuals draw on the strength of their relationship with God to find their sense of purpose. Through this they learn to resist the temptation to return to drug or alcohol use. Through prayer and scripture, individuals work to fill the spiritual void that contributes to and intensifies addictive thinking, patterns and behaviors. The first step in the healing process is experiencing the love and acceptance of God, and then allowing that love to spread to every aspect of their lives until they can in turn share those blessings with others.

In a Christian drug rehab, treatment is guided by Christian counselors and spiritual leaders who specialize in biblical studies and are versed in addiction treatment. In addition to the traditional steps of drug treatment (individual, group and family therapy, relapse preventing planning and 12-step meetings) individuals following the Christian track also participate in therapy led by a Christian drug counselor, recovery support groups, Bible study sessions and are in regular attendance at a local church. Clients also learn about the scriptures through educational lectures, group sessions and private study. They find comfort and consolation in the word of God. By combining traditional addiction treatments with biblical teachings, clients learn to embrace the will of God and enjoy lasting recovery through their relationship with the Lord.

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Most Insurance Accepted

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