Drug & Alcohol Addiction

How We Help You Cope With Addiction

At Sobriety Resources our clients are taught how to identify the destructive behavioral patterns that drive them to use. In turn, they will be taught how to replace these behaviors with healthier ones. Residents will leave our affiliated facilities with valuable life skills that will enable them to lead a life free from the chains of addiction. We can appreciate that taking the first step on the road to recovery and deciding to enter into treatment is no simple feat. When you call us for a consultation we will begin looking for immediate placement into one of our state of the art rehabilitation facilities to start you on the road to recovery. During the call one of our specialists will ask you a number of questions about your substance abuse to determine your unique situation. This will allow us to customize a solution to fit your individual needs and allow you to begin your journey to freedom.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a progressive disease, and without the proper intervention and treatment, can result in permanent disability or even death. Defined, addiction is when a person engages in a pleasurable act that becomes impulsive and starts to interfere with daily responsibilities and functioning. Many times the addict is unaware of how their behavior has become out of control and is harmful. The term addiction is used in a few different ways. The first being the physical act of addiction, which includes tolerance and following safe consumption levels. When an individual has built up a tolerance to a substance it is because their body has adapted to the drug. Which in turn, causes the drug to no longer have the same strong effect on the individual. This is a biological state which will cause the body to experience withdrawal symptoms once the drug use is discontinued. The second form of physical addiction is when the brain overreacts to recognizable cues that are associated with their substance of choice. An example would be an alcoholic who cannot only have one or two drinks and stop, they cannot physically determine a safe consumption level. Or a drug addict who cannot walk into a familiar place where they abuse and not have a strong urge to use. When an addict is exposed to these triggers, it is nearly impossible for them to resist.

Addiction is the result of an individual becoming emotionally stressed and not having a healthy outlet for those feelings. Addicted individuals are lacking healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the major stressors in their life. Most of the time these individuals are not simply looking for pleasure, they are looking for an escape and to feel numb to any intense emotions. It needs to be kept in mind that an addiction does not define a person’s morality or strength of character. In fact, some studies have even argued that addiction is not just a disease, but a mental illness and should be treated as such. Unfortunately addiction does not just effect the individual who is using, it is a family disease. Not only does it take a heavy mental, physical and spiritual toll on the affected individual, but also on their surrounding loved ones. Everyone suffers at the hands of an addiction, it leaves no one untouched. Our team of caring professionals understands the toll that substance abuse can take on families. All too often feelings of anger, frustration and shame over a loved one’s addiction can cause severe anxiety as well as depression, which can manifest itself as physical illness. People with addictions regularly do not see the negative and devastating effects their behavior has on them or their surrounding loved ones.

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Most Insurance Accepted

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