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Finding the right California pet friendly addiction treatment program can be an exhausting process. In addition to pet friendly treatment centers being few and far between, each one can offer different levels of amenities and care options for you and your pet. Becoming vulnerable, leaving home, and stepping out of familiar comfort zones can turn many away. What if you could bring home with you? At Sobriety Resources we understand that the companionship and bond between the person recovering and their pet can have immense therapeutic value during the addiction treatment process. This is why our California drug and alcohol rehab and treatment program provides the same high standard of hospitality and comfort for pets, as well as the individual.

The Proven Benefits of Pet Companionship

Animal companions have been used successfully in a wide range of mental health, medical and other healthcare practices for generations and addiction treatment is no different. Leaving the familiar support of friends and family behind when entering into a treatment program can be difficult and early recovery away from home can seem lonely or even scary at times. While rehab provides a safe, healthy and supportive environment for its clients having the companionship of your pet can be an added therapy for many.

The Recovery Process with a Companion

The recovery process can promise relief from the grasp of drug and alcohol addiction. Difficulties may arise as the addict attempts to free themselves from the bondage of addiction. Such difficulties can include; leaving emotional support at home or stepping out of complacent surroundings. Bringing your pet to California pet friendly detox can help bring comfort to this sober transition. The unconditional love and acceptance pets offer can help to ease such factors. Pets keep us present, in the moment, and lower the feeling of isolation. Staying in the moment and engaged with these animals keeps the addict distracted. This therapeutic intervention leaves no room to dwell on the negativity that infests the suffering individual. These pets are also used to help reteach responsibility which may have been lost during active addiction.

Addiction is an egocentric disease that causes the addict to solely focus on self. Addicts tend to place their wants before the needs of others and struggle to identify these selfish defects of character. Upon the initial stages of treatment addicts in recovery have forgotten what it means to be selfless. Therapeutic animals in treatment allow the suffering individual to escape self by placing another’s needs before their own. Caring for a pet gives the addict a sense of gratification when they see the positive effects of being selfless. This helps to break the self-absorption by giving the addict an opportunity to find freedom from the imprisonment of this disease.

California pet friendly residential and inpatient programs have found that incorporating pets into recovery calms the addict, while also stabilizing blood pressure. Petting an animal releases endorphins and is beneficial for both parties involved. When endorphins are released the individual’s heart rate decreases and can counteract depressive moods. Pets have become a strong component in relapse prevention. The risk of relapse decreases when accountability for the animal takes precedence over the thought of using. Finding new coping mechanisms and hobbies to occupy unfavorable logic is top priority. Exercise is a positive outlet recovering addicts favor, which pets play a huge part in. Staying active neutralizes the addicted mentality, shifts the negative thought process, and releases feel-good hormones. Being outdoors, surrounded by vitamin D and fresh air will elevate ones mood and is another natural way to fight depression. The obsession of drinking/using soon fades and is replaced with healthy alternatives.

Those in recovery slowly begin to notice the wreckage left by their addiction and even the most basic tasks need to be learned over again. Addicts can be left feeling conflicted. They don’t want to be alone, yet don’t know how to be a part of. They forget what it means to be a friend or family member and have lost trust within others amongst themselves. They look for healing but have little faith in what remains. Visualize, a troubled addict walking through the door after a long tedious day and seeing their pets excitement. Despite the current stressors the individual may have faced, the companionship remains unaffected, without judgment. Their beloved animal is there to give support and receive it back. Many people going through trials and tribulations maintain strong bonds with their pets throughout the best and worst times of life. During active course of addiction these animals remain loyal and love unconditionally. With these pets acting as a new found pillar of strength the addict no longer has to feel alone, judged, or even misunderstood. Allow Sobriety Resources to guide in healing, bringing home to the addict no matter where recovery leads them.

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