Partial Hospitalization

Partial HospitalPartial hospitalization is considered an intermediate level of care. Patients at this level need daily structure and schedules to follow, but are allowed to live at home while attending a near full time treatment program. Partial hospitalization programs typically operate anywhere from four to eight hours per day and typically run five to seven days per week. This type of treatment is intended to reduce the cost of long term care while still focusing on the overall recovery of the individual. It is also believed that some patients will do better during treatment while being able to continue to live with their families. Treatment is usually provided in a hospital setting, community mental health center, or even a rehabilitation facility.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization

This level of care provides individual, group and family counseling. In addition, psycho-social rehabilitation and medication schedules are also provided. Patients will also work on skill building, behavior modification and participate in educational groups. There is a shift of providers recommending the partial hospitalization model of treatment for acute short-term patients. It has been shown that this type of treatment works best for people who are acutely ill and able to understand their illness. They are able to adjust to medication schedules, rapidly develop new coping mechanisms and easily set achievable recovery goals. These characteristics combined will allow them to function effectively as a sober individual after they re-enter society.

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Most Insurance Accepted

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