'I knew he was struggling': Prince's ex-wife speaks out about the pop icon's devastating addiction, secret overdoses and drug stashes

Posted on: March 29th, 2017 by sobrietyresources

  • Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia has written a book about the couple’s marriage
  • She describes a number of concerning incidents with the pop icon
  • The couple’s child died just two days after he was born – which was said to have exacerbated Prince’s addiction


By Anna Hopkins For Dailymail.com

PUBLISHED: 13:55 EDT, 28 March 2017 | UPDATED: 14:05 EDT, 28 March 2017
Pop icon Prince’s decades-long struggle with drugs has been revealed by his ex-wife in her explosive new memoir The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince. Mayte Garcia, now 43, spoke of concerning red flags throughout the couple’s relationship, including a secret overdose, and hidden drug stashes. The two were married for four years, during which they tragically lost a child just two days after he was born, which is said to have further derailed the singer. Garcia exclusively told Radar that she tried for years to dismiss her ex-husband’s addiction – and believed him when he told her it was nothing. ‘Looking back, I can see it was something else. I didn’t see it then. Maybe because I didn’t want to,’ she said. She goes on to describe a number of times in which he was acting ‘loopy,’ which was out of character for the artist, because he rarely got sick.
Garcia said that she never saw Prince consume any drugs, other than Vitamin B shots. However, on a number of ‘disturbing’ incidents, she said that her then-husband told her that he had migraines, which nearly a year after his tragic death, haunt her as the predecessor of something much more serious.

One particularly severe incident occurred near the end of the couple’s marriage, when she found him extremely ill and on the verge of tears in Los Angeles.


‘He told me there were pills in the hotel room,’ she said. ‘He wanted me to go back up there and flush them down the toilet.’
Radar reported that soon after Garcia found out she was pregnant with the couple’s son Amiir, Prince was taken to the hospital after suffering an apparent overdose.

One of his security guards reportedly found him unconscious, with ‘vomit on the floor,’ and the pop prince needed his stomach pumped and a charcoal treatment.

He told them he’d only mixed aspirin and wine – and insisted to Garcia that it was a ‘stupid mistake’ that would never happen again. She took his word for it, and the two never discussed it for the remainder of their marriage. The couple’s son Amiir – which means Prince in Arabic – died of a rare congenital disease just two days after he was born in October of 1996.

Following Amiir’s death, Garcia said that she ‘knew he was struggling’ after finding red wine spilled in a hallway and more vomit in a bathroom. Prince spiraled into a depression after his son’s death, and cancelled two of his tour stops in December 1996. Garcia, meanwhile, was prescribed powerful Vicodin following her painful cesarean section from the tragic birth. When the pills started disappearing, she assumed Prince had done it to benefit her.
‘I assumed he was hiding them to keep me from hurting myself,’ she said.

‘In retrospect, I don’t know what to think.’

Doctor D – who exclusively revealed Prince’s long term prescription drug addiction to the DailyMail.com at the time of the star’s death – said: ‘The mix of hydrocodone and fentanyl is not something that happens by mistake, it’s a combination that a dealer can make up for his client.
Officials tested pills seized from Prince’s Minnesota estate on the day he died. The stash included two dozen hydrocodone pills – commonly known as Vicodin – that officials found concealed in an Aleve bottle. The pills were engraved with the standard hydrocodone labeling of ‘Watson 385,’ but after they were tested officials learned that they actually contained fentanyl, the very potent and highly addictive opioid responsible for the Purple Rain singer’s death.



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