Holistic approach to treating addiction improves recovery

Posted on: January 18th, 2016 by sobrietyresources

By Lana Bandoim 2016-01-11 20:07

An addiction to alcohol can have a devastating impact on your family, friends, work and home. Although treatment programs provide hope, it is important to understand the value of a holistic approach to improve the chances of recovery. A holistic approach refers to programs that treat the mind, body and spirit. These programs recognize that addiction is influenced by multiple factors, so it requires a versatile plan.

Holistic approach

Researchers have investigated the holistic approach to treating addiction and have found that it can benefit the individual. A study, published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, reveals that treatment centers that focus on a holistic program can help people improve their self-esteem and self-confidence as they recover from addiction. People who are allowed to express their feelings are more likely to find long-term wellness.

Treatment settings

One of the key aspects of a holistic approach to addiction is the setting of the treatment center. A location that is beautiful and serene can help you find peace as you focus on recovery. For example, Beachway.com embraces this concept by using a facility in Delray Beach that offers a beautiful setting. Your environment affects your body, mind and spirit, so it is important to find a calm location that encourages recovery. A gorgeous beach or lush forest can help you reconnect with nature and reinvent your soul.

A holistic treatment program understands that addiction has to be approached from multiple angles. The best treatments combine several strategies and create a customized plan for each individual. This means that a program may include medication, counseling, group therapy, meditation, yoga and other treatments. There is usually a mix of conventional and alternative strategies that fit each person who is seeking help.

One of the reasons why people prefer the holistic treatments is because they offer an integrated answer and do not feel as oppressive. Treatment programs often include fun activities and relaxing excursions that help you discover yourself. You may spend several hours at the beach or enjoy a yoga class. You may also have a picnic outdoors or get a relaxing massage. All of these activities are designed to help you recover and move past your addiction.

Timing and rehabilitation

In general, many treatment programs for addiction last 30 days. However, an individual’s special situation and needs may require a treatment program that is longer or shorter. In a facility that embraces the holistic approach, timing is flexible. A study from the Archives of General Psychiatry reveals that the length of a treatment program has a direct impact on the success of recovery, and those who spent more time in a program were more likely to avoid a relapse.

Treating the entire person

A key component of the holistic approach is the idea that treatment should involve the entire person. This means that the person’s body, mind and spirit have to be addressed together. This approach helps with both withdrawal and relapse because it does not ignore an essential part of the addiction process. The goal is to recover and avoid addiction in the future, so coping strategies have to be in place.

 Customized treatments

If you or a loved one is considering an addiction recovery program, then you may want to look for one that uses a holistic approach. Programs that use a combination of nutrition, medication, counseling, therapy, recuperation and activities have a greater chance of success. A person who is mentally, physically and emotionally strong is more likely to overcome an addiction and avoid setbacks. In addition, the uniqueness of each individual is recognized with this approach, so treatments can be customized.



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