Broward County Mobilizes Flakka Prevention Education for the Public

Posted on: May 20th, 2015 by sobrietyresources

May 13, 2015

In response to the rife availability of the synthetic designer drug, flakka, police authorities and local state officials are attempting to educate the public on the dangers of the addictive substance. According to the Broward Palm Beach New Times on May 11th flakka use in Broward County has increased 45 percent over the year. On May 13th the State Department of Health, Broward County Schools, United Way, Broward Addiction and Recovery Center, Broward Health and other local addiction groups will help to get the word out about the dangerous of flakka and its usage. The prevention efforts will be presented to students, teachers, working professionals, parents, and medical professionals. Harbor Village Detox is a residential drug rehab treatment center dedicated to help patients overcome the throes of addiction. The drug treatment center asserts measures for prevention education and harm reduction tactics will help redress South Florida’s recent flakka spike.

Flakka’s popularity has increased principally because of its inexpensive price tag. Users on the street can acquire the addictive substance for $4-5. Dealers purposefully give their clients free samples to get the hooked. Flakka catapults its users into a state of heightened delirium, inciting violence, hallucinations, and unpredictable behavior. Alike most synthetic substances, medical professionals struggle to treat the adverse effects induced by flakka, because the chemical composition of the substance changes from batch to batch. Prevention education aims to educate the public about the dangerous effects of the drug, in the hopes teens and adults stay far away from the substance.

Harbor Village Detox is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in South Florida; in the middle of the flakka crisis, the drug treatment center urges parents, students, and working professionals to get involved with the prevention education efforts coordinated by local officials. An associate comments, “When we take the veil away from drugs, disband the mystery surrounding their use and consumption we are able to paint a very honest, vivid picture of what drug use and subsequent addiction truly is. Teens and other users can succumb to their curiosity, or indulge during times of great stress and trauma- but with the proper foreknowledge we can make a marked difference in many peoples’ lives with the gift of education. Going to local talks about flakka, or Alpha-PVP can literally save hundreds, if not thousands the misery of going through the acute paranoia, anxiety, and aggressiveness the drug causes.”

Harbor Village Detox is committed to providing the apex of drug and alcohol addiction treatment to the entire state of Florida and the nation. The inpatient medical detox program in Florida helps patients recover from the physical and mental ailments of addiction, and offer instrumental life coaching services to set patients up for long term success after successfully graduating from treatment, The addiction counselors at Harbor Village Detox teach patients how to manage their stress, depression, and anger in constructive, healthy alternatives to substance abuse.

Patients receive immediate treatment for the symptoms of withdrawal upon arrival and enjoy gourmet meals, full spa and salon amenities, and participate in group counseling, intensive therapy, and holistic healing sessions of yoga and meditation.

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